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Various high quality German technology laminate flooring made in China with cheap price

Being a China laminate flooring manufacturer with high reliability, our factory, Shandong Genfute Industrial Co., Limited has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000. Most other laminate flooring manufacturers just purchase the wear layer, design layer, core and balance back layer from others. Unlike them, we manufacture the 4 layers ourselves, so we can offer you definitly lower prices and control the quality much more easier because these workshops for producing the 4 layers are parts of our company. With Germany technology, advanced equipment, strict quality control and excellent management system, now we offers world-class quality, low cost and cheap prices. Now the price of our own particular ddiv series wood laminate floor is USD3.75/sqm. It is produced with our own particular high technology. Easy to install, clean and care, our glueless textured click China made wood laminate floor(Locking system without glue) have various colors for you to choose: oak, maple, beech, hickory, walnut, teak, bamboo, cherry, pine, applewood, sapelli, elm, mahogany, stone, marble, granite, carpet, ceramic tile, etc. in 1-strip, 2-strip and 3-strip. Also we have almost full range of gloss or rough finishes: mirror surface, embossed surface, crystal surface, feather grain, silk surface(diamond surface), hand scraped surface(hand pressed surface), UV-shine, pressed V groove, painted V groove and mould pressed surface in AC1, AC2, AC3 and AC4 ratings. The thickness is 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 12mm, etc. And the most popular dimensions are 1215*196*8mm and 805*127*12mm. Especially the formaldehyde release of our high quality German technology laminate flooring made in China can meet E1 international safety stands, which means the product is completely safe. Also we offer various kinds of accessories such as underlay, carpet reducer, T-moulding, wallboard, reducer, skirting, stairnose, etc.

China laminate flooring from us sells very well in many countries and areas.

As a China laminate flooring supplier and exporter with high reputation, our factory manufactures and exports high quality products and cheap price. Our German technology laminate flooring made in China enjoys high reputation in China, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, UK, Portugal, Ireland, Australia, Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Vietnam, South Africa, Israel, Nigeria, Angola, Albania, Malaysia, Uruguay, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, New Zealand, Kuwait, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Monaco, Syria, Qatar, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Canada, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Malta, etc. Pls specify your requested specifications in detail so that we can advise you the price promptly. By cheap prices, high quality and good service, we win many orders and defeat many other manufacturers and sellers!

Wood laminate floor price

Wood laminate floor price will be different if some specifications are different. The thicker core, the higher price. And the price of laminate with green core is higher than that with brown core. The price of laminate with attached underlay, waxed loacknig system, machine pressed V groove and painted V groove will be higher due to extra materials and labor. Also the price will be higher for special finish such as hand scraped surface. And the price varies when RMB exchange rate or the cost of ralated materials changes. Welcome insterested customers to contact us for detailed & latest wood laminate floor price list.

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Recommended Cleaning For Bamboo Floors

That beautiful new bamboo floor is the envy of the neighborhood. Friends are dropping by to check out its beauty. All this in and out traffic is bound to create some dirt that needs to be removed, but what is the recommended cleaning for bamboo floors?

The first thing to understand is that this is not a typical hardwood floor, the same recommendations that so often are ‘across the board’ don’t apply to bamboo. It is not difficult to clean and maintain, just different than other woods.

Water Be Gone

Water is not a friend to any hardwood and bamboo is no exception. Even though it is a water resistant material, that doesn’t mean puddles can accumulate for long periods of time without some visible damages. Wipe up spills as soon as possible.

If the spill is sticky liquid, like soda, use a damp sponge but don’t use a sponge that is dripping wet.

Do Away with Dust

Other than wiping up any spills that occur, the recommended cleaning for bamboo floors is simply to sweep or vacuum up the dust that accumulates on a daily basis.

A dust mop will help to add a special shine to the floor when it appears to need it. Do not use a wet mop on bamboo floors.

Above all else, it must be remembered that the same chemicals and wood cleaners that are recommended for other wood floors do not work on bamboo flooring. Bamboo does not react well to the chemicals that are used to make these cleansers. Waxes and polishes should also be avoided.


Maintaining bamboo flooring will help keep it beautiful for many years to come. Simple steps like not wearing stiletto heels to prevent excessive scratches are recommended.

High traffic areas should have rugs or runners to help collect dust and debris that accumulates from shoes. Don’t be excessive and cover up the beauty of the floor, but do consider placing them in doorways or hallways to help keep the dirt off the floor.

Furniture gliders or felt tips will help to prevent unnecessary marring when moving furniture around. Bamboo is not scratch proof and these protective coverings will help keep scratches to a minimum.

If there are animals in the home, keep their toenails trimmed to help prevent scratches as well.

Bamboo floors are highly durable and don’t dent easily; however, the finish that is applied to the floor will determine how scratch resistant the floor is.

As the floor ages it might need to have a fresh, clear finish applied to help keep scratches at bay. This is not a difficult task but should be done by a professional.

Simple steps to keep bamboo flooring looking beautiful from the day it is installed to twenty years down the road. Maintaining and cleaning the flooring is not a difficult task, the key is to keep spills wiped up and don’t used chemical cleaners.

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