Natural and Effective Bug Repellents That You Should Use

The temperature in these summer and monsoon seasons is perfect for pest reproduction as the heat and moisture lead to increased breeding. A solution to the bug problem is now needed for homeowners to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Bugs and termites can be a headache for you as they cause considerable damage to your property. Therefore, you cannot make the mistake of letting them go unnoticed as they not only destroy the exteriors but are also harmful to your skin. 

This article is dedicated to knowing and understanding how you can prevent and take care of these annoying small creatures and make your home pest-free naturally. Keep scrolling to know more about it. 

1. The Prevention Way 

Prevention is better than cure and nothing is more apt when it comes to your infestation problems. Some of the most natural and effective bug repellents are not repellents per se, but a mere cautionary step!

Check Your Furniture 

For effective and natural bug control, look no further than checking everything wooden that you bring inside the house for termites. Woods is a favorite residence of termites, so make sure they aren’t invited into your home accidentally. 

Seal Gaps and Cracks 

One of the most effective and natural techniques to repel bugs is to check your house for any cracks and crevices where the bugs might hide and seal them! This would send the message to those pests that they aren’t welcome guests. 

Eliminate Moisture 

Moisture breeds pests and bugs; there is no solution more effective and natural than heat. Alternate repellents would be the use of humidifiers and placing plastic sheets in crawl spaces. 

2. Prevention Did Not Work!

Are you still struggling with termites? Were you unable to prevent their infestation in your house? Do you need a natural and effective bug repellent to deal with those pests? Look no further than this article to know how!

Termite Traps

Termite traps, or baits, contain cellulose-rich food mixed with an insecticide that lures the worker termite. It acts as a food bait so that the worker termite shares the food with the rest of the colony, acting as an effective and natural (though slow acting) bug repellent. 

Orange Oil 

If you are looking for natural bug repellents, look no further than essential orange oil. Oil extracted from orange peels repels bugs. One may employ a pest control company or prepare a spray at home.

Boric Acid

It works similar to orange oil in the sense that it targets the nervous system and exoskeletons of termites. This natural and effective bug repellent is derived from mineral borax, active in household cleaning products and detergent solutions. It can be used as a spray after diluting the powder in water. 

How Can a Professional Help You?

Research says that termites damage more than 600,000 homes in the US each year, causing property damage worth $5 billion or more, and these aren’t even covered by the homeowner’s insurance policies. This implies that the problem of infestation is prominent.

For this reason, pest companies are important to call as they are experienced. Companies like Pinnacle Pest offer insect and rodent control solutions, which is a good idea for people who want to stay in the natural but effective lane as they utilize a minimal amount of chemicals and provide natural therapies.

Paying for termination may be expensive. But if you are unable to deal with these pests alone, seeking professional help would be the right choice. Currently, many professional bug repellants use natural ways of eliminating bugs which are not harmful to your health. 

Having said that, not all professionals use natural bug repellents, some of them rely on chemicals as well. So make sure you enquire about that before hiring them.  

Moreover, one needs to remember that the house needs to not only be protected against outside elements but also from within. Often homeowners get so engrossed in the outside that they let the infestation grow. This not only damages the house but can also make you sick. 

How Does a Professional Pest Control Work?

Professional pest control works on the basis of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) model, which includes inspecting, exclusion, mechanical and chemical control. It utilizes a minimal amount of environmentally sensitive products, and most of them even have Green Pest Control Programs for natural and effective bug repellent therapy. 

When dealing with bugs, there are many kinds to be aware of, such as:

Controlling Subterranean Termites

In maximum cases, a liquid termiticide application is prescribed between the soil and your house. This is most effective when spread through narrow trenches adjacent to the base of the exterior foundation. Small holes are first drilled, and then the martial is applied to the soil between the exterior and soil. It ensures that your crawl spaces are also protected.  

Controlling Dry-Wood Termites

In controlling a dry wood colony, holes are drilled into the infested wood. Then natural and effective orange oil is injected in hollow spaces where the termites feed. If the holes and injections coincide with an active gallery, the bugs are killed on contact. 

Controlling Damp-Wood Termites

Since these termites depend on a high amount of moisture to survive, dealing with them in a natural and effective way is highly probable in most cases. Inspectors may prescribe removing and replacing damaged wood to eliminate bugs or even correct the source of moisture contributing to the infestation. 


Since your home is the most expensive and important part of your everyday life, it makes sense to invest in preserving it. Even though the problem of pests and termites may not sound quite harmful, if they go unnoticed, they can cause severe damage to your house. Therefore, make sure to take early action against them and, if needed, seek professional help to keep a bug-free home.  

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