Farewell to Mondays

The rumors are true. After 16+ years, louderARTS is ending its run at Bar 13 with one last, amazing show!

Some thoughts from Rich, Guy, and Lynne:

Of course, I’m grateful for the place itself. I’ve come to know that corner of 13th and University quite well, right down to its parking patterns and the Metro North train schedule. But I am most grateful for the friends I’ve made there, who come in and out of focus sometimes, but who are always present in my heart. They pushed and pulled and made me into a better artist and citizen.

I really hope I get to see some of these characters tonight. I’m REALLY glad I get to see Patricia again. Come out and help me bid a fond farewell/hello to the Monday night series and celebrate all the goodness to come!

Rich Villar

And so, tonight’s show—with Mahogany Browne and Patricia Smith in the spotlight, along with some very special guests—is not only the last show of 2014 for louderARTS at Bar 13, it’s the last hurrah of an amazing 16+ year run, and I’m glad I’ll be there to witness it, honor it, and help lay it to rest.

For me, above all else, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the woman who kept it running when everyone else moved on, including me.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

After 16 amazing years I’ll be hosting my last show at Bar 13 tonight. I have no idea what shoes to wear. I have no idea how I will appropriately or sufficiently thank all of the loves of my life who have passed through those doors. I do have an amazing plan for what’s next for the louderARTS Project but I want to focus for now on the incredible ride I’ve had these last 700+ Mondays. I figured the best way to do it would be to make my last show as emotionally true and artistically satisfying as the first. So tonight we’ll present two incredible women whose commitment to craft, fellowship, and deep support of their fellow artists is unrivaled. Please come, sit next to me on the front couch, and soak up Mahogany L. Browne and Patricia Smith reading and in conversation at Bar 13 as they close out the year for the louderARTS Project.

After this the readings at Bar 13 go on Winter hiatus until early January and when they resume you’ll have a new fabulous host, the delightful and brilliant and truly sweet, Kait Burrier whom you get to meet tonight and who promises to bring you a very snazzy new series. Check this space, our social media sites and our website for updated info as we are really jazzed to be handing off the baton to a fresh new series and plan on supporting Kait and showing up in the open mic as often as we can.

Lynne Procope

With Mahogany Browne and Patricia Smith in the spotlight, tonight’s show was already going to be amazing, but taking the opportunity to thank the community that has supported louderARTS throughout our 16-year run will make it truly special.

We hope you can join us one last time.

A Few Words on Safety

louderARTS is, and has always been, committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for both artists and audience alike. Besides being one of the founding tenets of our reading series over 15 years ago, our official safety policy was crafted in September 2011.

We’ve had a history of protecting safety in the spaces we administer by immediately removing from the premises any individuals posing threats, once they were clearly identified as such. We have been purposefully consistent in the approach that we take regarding the safety of all individuals, as is stated in our safety policy. We have never made a public statement regarding any individual situation as we recognize that doing so would contravene all tenets of due process and civil liberty, while potentially endangering a complainants’ privacy as well their ability to pursue resolution via legal channels.

Our current safety policy, drafted by Rich Villar and refined by Lynne Procope (and reviewed with the management of our primary performance venue), can be found on our website, and has been publicly available on our Facebook page since September 2011.

We take safety very seriously, and we take our approach to ensuring the safety of all individuals just as seriously.

Further, we think that it is important to acknowledge that, in our community over the last year there have been very helpful safe space community meetings hosted at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café. There is good work being done there and we wholeheartedly support it. You can contact Mahogany Browne for more information on how to participate in those meetings.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about issues of safety, or anything else related to The louderARTS Project, please feel free to contact us directly.